Saturday, March 16, 2013

Azlan Shah Cup 2013 Updates: New Zealand vs Australia - LIVE


It's the last group matches today...
Earlier, Pakistan drew with South Korea 2-2.
It's New Zealand vs Australia now... the winner will advance to the final tomorrow.

1st Half:
Play have started..
- 6 mins into the game, penalty corner to AUS - saved...
- fair game going on..
- Goal... NZL scores with 8 mins to go..  NZL 1-0 AUS.
- half time: NZL 1-0 AUS.

2nd Half:
-Play resumes.. AUS attacking..
- goal... 1-1 now..
- goal.. 2-1 now. AUS 2-1 NZL.
- goal...3-1 now. AUS 3-1 NZL. 3 goals in 7 mins.
- with 21 minutes left, game stopped due to heavy rain...
- Play resumes... 20 minutes to full time.
- Goal. NZL scores to make it 3-2.
- Game over... AUS 3-2 NZL.

* Malaysia will met Australia in the final tomorow...
Have a nice day...

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