Wednesday, March 20, 2013

GOOD LUCK for Your SPM Results..

SPM 2012 Results...
SMKD Form 5 Best 2012 students.
Good Luck SMKD's Form 5 Best and Form 5 Dess - for your SPM results tomorrow, 21st March 2013.
May you all be granted with 'A's in your results slips....., especially Maths - after 2 years (2011, 2012) being my students in class.
Have a nice sleep tonight..
 MRSM Beseri SPM 2012 students
Good Luck to all the MRSM Beseri SPM 2012 students too.... I had a lovely 4-hour motivational talk on Maths before your SPM exams last year... May you all pass with flying colours.
Have a nice sleep tonight...
My 4 special students attending Maths class at Putra Palace in Nov. 2012.
Good Luck to my 4 'special' students who attended a last minute special class with me at Putra Palace, before your SPM Maths paper... I hope you all get the grades you all desired for...

Have a nice day...

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