Tuesday, March 12, 2013

HOCKEY: Malaysia vs Australia - AZLAN SHAH CUP 2013: LIVE Updates


3 more group matches today, the third day of competition.

1st match: New Zealand vs South Korea

2nd match: India vs Pakistan
1st half:
India leads 2-1 (8 mins to go)..
Score still 2-1 to India.. with 2 mins to go to half time.
2nd half:
Just started - India leads 2-1.
24 mins to go - India still leads 2-1.
India scores another goal to make it 3-1 now...
2 mins to go..
Final score: INDIA 3-1 PAKISTAN
Malaysian keeper S.Kumar was the "Man of the match".
3rd match: Malaysia vs Australia
1st half:
-Malaysia in white, Australia in yellow.
-both teams counter attacking... score still 0-0 (1st 5 mins).
-Australia doing most of the attacking now (11th minute of play)
-still 0-0 (after 15 mins of play).
-penalty corner to Australia (18th min) - saved...
-another penalty corner to Australia (20th min) - saved.
-penalty corner to Australia again (22nd min) - saved again..
-penalty corner to Malaysia (24th min) - saved.
-score remains 0-0 with 6 minutes to go.
-3 minutes to half time, score 0-0.
-with 1 min to go - Australia scores after a blunder by a Malaysian defender. 1-0 to Australia.
-Half time score: Malaysia 0-1 Australia.

2nd half:
-play continues with both teams counter attacking again and again
-yellow cards for players from both teams - one each (24 minutes to go)
-Malaysian keeper S.Kumar doing a fine job in goal - saving a lot of Australian goal attempts.
-penalty corner saved again by S. Kumar (5th time).
-19 mins to go- M'sia (Chua) missed a golden opportunity to score.
-6th penalty corner to Australia - saved again.
-14 mins to go - still 0-1.
-7th penalty corner to Australia (11 minutes to go) - saved.
-8th penalty corner to Australia (10 minutes to go) - saved by S. Kumar again.
-6 mins to go... score still 1-0 in favour of Australia.
-9th penalty corner to Australia (4 mins to go) - saved again by keeper S. Kumar.
-GOOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLL !!!! Malaysia equalised 1-1. Goal scored by Faizal Shaari. Malaysia scored in the last minute...

Final score: MALAYSIA 1-1 AUSTRALIA.

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