Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lee Chong Wei vs Chen Long - All England 2013 FINAL - LIVE Updates


It's the men's final of the All England badminton tournament :
0-0  Play have not started yet.
*At the moment. it's the women's singles fnal - Tine Baun (DEN) vs Intanon Ratchanok (THA).
Tine Baun defeated Intanon Ratchanok 21-14, 16-21, 21-10.

OK, let's go LIVE...
Players being introduced now...
1st Set (Chong Wei first):
0-1  bad line call...
0-2  error by LCW
0-3  net error by LCW
0-4  pushed out by LCW
0-5  ball landed in
0-6  lovely shot by CL
0-7  smash by CL
1-7  smash by LCW
2-7  sideline smash by LCW
3-7  pushed out by CL
3-8  smash by CL
4-8  smash by LCW
4-9  out byLCW
4-10 net error by LCW
5-10 drive by LCW
5-11 cross court smash by CL
5-12 smash into net by LCW
6-12 cross court smash by LCW
6-13 drive by CL
6-14 pushed out by LCW
7-14 drop by LCW
7-15 long rally won by CL
8-15 out at baseline by CL
9-15 out by CL
10-15 double smash by LCW
11-15 classic play by LCW
12-15 another smart play by LCW
13-15 body smash by LCW
13-16 just out by LCW
13-17 pushed out by LCW
14-17 out by CL
14-18 mistake by LCW
15-18 smash by LCW
15-19 smash at net by CL
16-19 smash by LCW
17-19 luck of the net to LCW
17-20 out by LCW
17-21 error of net shot by LCW
1st set to Chen Long 21-17

2nd Set:
0-1 bad line call again..
0-2 ball out again??
0-3 out again?? oh no...
1-3 this time, it's in..
1-4 superb play by CL
1-5 another fine play by CL
1-6 bad return by LCW
2-6 smash out by CL
2-7 bad return again by LCW
3-7 sideline smash by LCW
3-8 error by LCW. He's not comfortable today...
4-8 point earned by LCW
4-9 error again by LCW
4-10 smash out by LCW. Everything's seem wrong by LCW...
5-10 smash by LCW
6-10 rally won by LCW
6-11 pushed out by LCW
6-12 smash into net by LCW
7-12 fault by CL
8-12 rally won by LCW
9-12 smash by LCW
9-13 smash by CL
10-13 ball landed in..
11-13 rally won by LCW
11-14 misjudged by LCW
12-14 smash by LCW
13-14 smash by LCW at full speed at net.
14-14 cross court smash by LCW. He's back !!!
15-14 change of mind by line judge..
15-15 what a rally................... won by CL
16-15 way out by CL
16-16 cracking smash by CL
16-17 net error by LCW
17-17 smash after smash after smash by LCW... finally..
17-18 smash by smash - won by CL
18-18 net error by CL
18-19 smash by CL
18-20 attacking play by CL
18-21 he did it at last....
Chen Long won the set 21-18.
Chen Long won the final: 21-17, 21-18.

Have a nice day...

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