Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Malaysia-Thailand: Smart Partnership in Sports.

I had the opportunity to follow the Malaysian group of sports officers (education) visiting Thailand Sports Schools in Bangkok the last few days... The head of Sports Division of all the states in Malaysia, joined hands to organize a special trip to Bangkok, Thailand - to visit 2 sports schools around Bangkok and the Sports Education Division of Thailand.
I have to specially mention these two guys - Mr. Abdul Said Hussain, the head of the Sports Division of the Penang Education Department.., and of course - Mr. Shaharuddin Mahmud, the head of the Sports Division of the Perlis Education Department. These two guys played an important role in making the trip possible.
50 sports officials from all over Malaysia made the trip, including 2 Heads of Sectors of the Education Department of the states of Perak and Pahang. Representatives from Sabah and Sarawak too made the trip to Bangkok.
We all paid our own expenses for the trip - and it was worth the price... We took the Thai domestic AirAsia flight from Hatyai to Bangkok on the 21st of August and returned on the 25th of August. The three day "official visit" to the Sports Schools in Suphanburi and Chonburi was greeted warmly by the officials of the two schools - a  common and natural symbol of Thailand's hospitality...
20th anniversary
The Suphanburi Sports School was the first on the list. This is the biggest Sports School in Thailand. The are 12 sports discipline in this school - athletics, sepaktakraw, tennis, swimming, diving, shooting, gymnastics, judo, weight lifting, cycling, baseball, and soccer.
No wonder Thailand are so good in these sports, especially athletics, sepaktakraw, weight lifting and soccer.
*This sports school celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.
A half an hour power point presentation given was good enough to tell the whole success behind Thailand's sports dominance in Asia or even the Olympics and world meets...
Some interesting photos:
 the power point presentation in progress
 the Malaysians sports officers
 the mini stadium
 the gymnasts in training
the sepaktakraw training hall
The following day, we visited the Chonburi Sports School. As expected, we were warmly welcomed.
This sports school is a little smaller than the previous one - but an athlete from this school won the Olympics Bronze medal in the last Olympics game - in weight lifting.
Interesting photos:
 the Chonburi Sports School
 the school wall
We went for a short tour around the school...

Visiting just these two sports schools just says it all - why Thailand is way ahead of Malaysia in sports.
I just wish more groups of sports officials and coaches would pack their bags today and pay a visit to Thailand sports body... You will be surprised to see that what Thailand have is just half of what Malaysia have in terms of sports facilities - but Thailand is 10 years ahead of Malaysia in terms of sports achievements !!!!
You don't believe me?? Take the AirAsia flight from Hatyai to Bangkok - it's cheaper. RM280 return.
Stay at the Chaleena Hotel - it's quite cheap. Food? No problem. A lot of halal eateries near Chaleena Hotel. In fact, groups from Maldives, Indonesia, The Philippines and Brunei were at our hotel during our 3-night stay.
I'm going to Bangkok again soon..

Have a nice day...

Sunday, August 25, 2013


I've just got back from Bangkok, Thailand, this afternoon.
I'm still tired and sleepy - so I'll update all the happenings tomorrow.., OK?

Meanwhile, in hockey - Malaysia lost to Pakistan 1-4 in the Asian Cup just now..
Have a nice day....

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ratchanok Intanon - a fine example to follow....

I have nothing else to say, but full of praise to this young, 18 year-old world champion .. RATCHANOK INTANON of Thailand..
A very good example for young athletes to follow..

May (as she is fondly called at home), just showed the world that being poor doesn't mean that you cannot play badminton and become world champions.
Badminton is quite an expensive game to play. In Malaysia, a common racket cost RM100 and a simple shuttlecock costs RM4 a piece. The rent of a badminton court ia RM10 per hour in most badminton halls. So, a child from a poor family earning less than RM1000 monthly can never have the chance to pick up badminton at an early age..., unless someone is willing to sponsor him/her...

The sad thing about rich parents in Malaysia is that - they tend to send their children to play games where they can get/earn money.. That is the trend. And..football (soccer) is always the first choice for boys.. Netball is always the first choice for girls...

Ratchanok @ May comes from a poor family. Her parents work as laborers in a sweet factory. They can't even afford to buy a refrigerator or a washing machine.. And, May plans to buy a refrigerator and a washing machine for her mother from what she earned for winning the world title last Sunday...
What can I say of this humble and well-disciplined young girl called Ratchanok Intanon...

I'm going to Bangkok next week for an official visit to the sports schools in Bangkok, and I hope I can meet this young girl called Ratchanok Intanon...

*Good Luck to you Ratchanok Intanon...
May you win more titles in the near future and show the world that coming from a poor background is not a setback to succeed in badminton... Good luck Thailand..

Have a nice day..

Monday, August 12, 2013

Malaysian Badminton - Time to move on....


Lee Chong Wei have done enough to put Malaysia on the Badminton map... The whole world knows Lee Chong Wei is from Malaysia.. We have to thank Lee Chong Wei and Misbun Sidek, who first coached him, to become what he is today... It is just fate that he is not to be a world champion, although he is the world Number One for 7 years (I think)...
So, Lee Chong Wei is HISTORY. He is 31 years old. Let's move on...

Thailand have just produced a world champion - Ratchanok Intanon. She is just 18 years old.
There are more... Porntip Buranaprasertsuk, Sapsiree Taerattanachai, Busanan Ongbumrungpan, Narissapat Lam, Saralee Thoungthongkam, Duanganong Aroonkesorn, Kunchala Voravichitchaikul... all young girls, in their late teens or early 20's.
And, there is Boonsak Ponsana, Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk, Sudket Prapakamol,.. just to mention a few male players.
There are more to come...
Thailand is slowly becoming a world beater in badminton - just mark my words!!
What have Malaysia produced?

What is Malaysia's problem?
1.  BAM - the Badminton Association of Malaysia.
This sports body is NOT running the sports properly.. The officers are NOT professional at all. All they care is about money and overseas tours... Some of them are NOT from the badminton background at all. Sorry to say - being a badminton administer doesn't mean that you know how to coach... There's more to it.
This is the basic downfall of Malaysian badminton.

BAM have the habit of changing coaches..., and sacking coaches too!!!
Look at China. They don't sack Li Yongbo. He is there as chief coach for the last 20 years or so... And, China keep producing world champions on and on... Li Yongbo have all the say and decisions made. Nobody can interfere him... He knows what is good for his country..
Unlike Malaysia - importing coaches and sacking them as early as possible!!! Ask Morten Frost Hansen... Ask Rexy Mainaky.. Ask Park Joo Bong...
Don't forget to ask Misbun Sidek as well....
How are we going to develop if we change coaches all the time??

BAM don't have a good development program.. They just organize a state or national competition - and pick those champions to train and sent for overseas competition. Is that the way to produce world champions?? What a joke...
On the contrary, I think NUSA MAHSURI badminton club is doing a better job in producing world champions.. So does KLRC (Kuala Lumpur Racket Club)...
Players need good coaches. Good coaches will produce good players. Good players will be world beaters. Never separate these two. Let those good coaches train those good players until they become world champions..

A bit of advice to BAM:
1. Good coaches doesn't have to be former world champions. Good coaches might be just normal badminton players... Take that as an advice...
2. NEVER separate the link between a coach and an upcoming player. They took years to develop a bond between them. So, don't simply break that bond... Just remember that!!
3. Be professional.. Do not have grudges on some coaches that you don't like. Good sportsmans are not easy to get. Just follow their way... You may never know - he might produce world champions!!!
Take my word for it...!!

Good Luck to Malaysian badminton..
Have a nice day...

Sunday, August 11, 2013

LEE CHONG WEI vs LIN DAN: BWF 2013 World Championship FINALS - LIVE Updates

It's the finals today... a bombastic one !!!
Lee Chong Wei (MAS) vs Lin Dan (CHN) - in the men's GOLD medal match.
Ratchanok Intanon (THA) vs Li Xuerui (CHN) - in the women's GOLD medal match.
The schedule today beginning at 1.00pm Malaysian/Guangzhao time:
LIVE updates will be on once the games start..
OK, we're LIVE from Guangzhou now...

1. WD: Wang/Yu (CHN) defeated Eom/Jang (KOR): 21-14,18-21,21-8.
Gold medal to CHINA, Silver to KOREA, Bronze to CHINA and DENMARK.
2. WS: Ratchanok (THA) vs Li Xuerui (CHN):
1st set: Ratchanok first.
1-0 first point to Rachanok
2-0 error by LX
2-1 error by RI
2-2 smash out by RI
3-2 out by LX
4-2 net error by LX
4-3 sideline smash by LX
4-4 error by RI
4-5 body smash by LX
5-5 pushed out by LX
5-6 net error
6-6 rally won by RI
7-6 fault by LX
8-6 drive by RI
9-6 out at baseline
9-7 smash by LX
9-8 pushed out by RI
9-9 misjudged by RI
9-10 out at baseline
9-11 error at net by RI
10-11 body smash by RI
10-12 just out at baseline
10-13 body smash by LX
10-14 out again at sideline
10-15 just out at sideline
11-15 net error by LX
11-16 smash into net by RI
12-16 smash by RI
12-17 mistake by RI
12-18 sharp drop by LX
12-19 out at sideline
13-19 out at baseline
14-19 good defence by RI
15-19 error by LX
16-19 smah by RI
17-19 pushed out by LX
17-20 error by RI
18-20 smash by RI
19-20 body smash by RI
20-20 out at baseline
21-20 double smash by RI
22-20 drive by RI
Rachanok wins the 1st set 22-20

2nd Set:
0-1 drop by LX
0-2 out at sideline
0-3 smash error by RI
1-3 smash by RI
1-4 misjudge by RI
2-4 drop by RI
3-4 out and long by LX
4-4 smash out by LX
5-4 smart play by RI
5-5 smash by LX
5-6 drop out by RI
6-6 error by LX
6-7 pushed out by RI
7-7 good judgement by RI
7-8 just out
8-8 good net play by RI
8-9 great shot by LX
9-9 out at baseline
10-9 smash into net by LX
10-10 drop shot by LX
10-11 out by RI
10-12 smash by LX
11-12 body smash by RI
11-13 perfect shot by LX
12-13 just out
13-13 out by LX
13-14 smash by LX
14-14 error by LX
15-14 out at baseline
15-15 smash drop by LX
15-16 well played by LX
15-17 error by RI
15-18 half court smash by LX
16-18 out at baseline
16-19 error at net
17-19 well played by RI
17-20 nervous net shot by RI
18-20 smash out by LX
18-21 smash error by RI
Li Xuerui wins the 2nd set 21-18

3rd Set:
1-0 called in..
1-1 smash by LX
2-1 triple smash by RI
3-1 cross net shot
4-1 smash by RI
5-1 net error by LX
6-1 net error again
6-2 wrong court service
7-2 cross court smash by RI
8-2 out again by LX
8-3 tight net shot by LX
9-3 out at sideline
9-4 net error
9-5 out at baseline
10-5 good net play by RI
10-6 out at baseline
10-7 net shot error
11-7 excellent drive at body by RI
11-8 smash by LX
11-9 error by RI
12-9 out at baseline after long rally
13-9 mistake by LX
14-9 cross smash by RI
14-10 pushed out by RI
14-11 smash by LX
14-12 mistake by RI
15-12 smash by RI
16-12 good smart play by RI
17-12 error by LX
18-12 out by LX
18-13 unforced error by RI
19-13 out by LX
19-14 smash out by RI
20-14 brilliant play by RI
21-14 RACHANOK WINS!!!!!!!!!
Rachanok Intanon wins the World title - the YOUNGEST ever...
Rachanok defeated the top-seeded Li Xuerui 22-20, 18-21, 21-14.
Gold medal - THAILAND, Silver - China, Bronze- INDIA and KOREA.

3. XD: Xu/Ma (CHN) lost to Tontowi/Liliyana (INA): 13-21, 21-16, 20-22.
Gold medal-INDONESIA, Silver-CHINA, Bronze- KOREA and CHINA.

4. MD: Ahsan/Setiawan (INA) defeated Boe/Mogensen (DEN): 21-13, 23-21.
Gold medal-INDONESIA, Silver-DENMARK, Bronze-KOREA and CHINA.

5. MS: Lee Chong Wei (MAS) vs Lin Dan (CHN):
1st Set: Lee Chong Wei first.
1-0 first point to LCW
1-1 drive by LD
1-2 called in by line judge
1-3 smash by LD
2-3 smash by LCW
2-4 good play by LD
3-4 error by LD
3-5 instinct shot by LD
3-6 wide by LCW
4-6 well played by LCW
5-6 flick serve by LCW
6-6 out at baseline
7-6 error by LD
7-7 error by LCW now
7-8 bad line call, it was out !!!
8-8 out !!!!
8-9 trick shot by LD
9-9 half-smash by LCW
9-10 trick shot by LD
10-10 smash by LCW
10-11 rally won by LD
11-11 hesitation by LD
11-12 rally won by LD
12-12 net smash by LCW
12-13 called in..
13-13 gone wide..
14-13 smash into net by LD
15-13 half court smash by LCW
16-13 fault called at net
16-14 another bad line call !!!! 2nd time already!!
17-14 smash by LCW
18-14 pushed out by LD
19-14 out by LD
19-15 nervous shot by LCW
19-16 net shot by LD
20-16 rally won by LCW
21-16 double smash by LCW
1st set won by Lee Chong Wei 21-16

2nd set:
0-1 drop by LD
0-2 bad line call again. Ball was OUT!!!!
0-3 bad call again??? what is this??
0-4 net shot by LD
0-5 body smash
1-5 way out behind
1-6 misjudge by LCW
1-7 something's not right...
1-8 out at baseline
1-9 net play by LD
1-10 in at sideline
1-11 just leave it - drift is irregular now..
1-12 rally won by LD
2-12 net play
3-12 out at sideline
4-12 sharp drop by LCW
4-13 mistake by LCW
5-13 simple play by LCW
5-14 smash by LD
5-15 out by LCW
6-15 out by LD
7-15 error by LD
7-16 out by LCW
8-16 out at sideline
9-16 cross court smash
9-17 smash by LD
10-17 net error
11-17 landed in..
12-17 error by LD
12-18 out at baseline
12-19 error by LCW
13-19 out at sideline
13-20 smash by LD
13-21 out by LCW
Lin Dan wins the 2nd set 21-13

3rd Set:
0-1 out at baseline
1-1 out at baseline
2-1 out by LD
2-2 good net play by LD
3-2 fantastic play by LCW
4-2 variation play by LCW
5-2 smash out by LD
6-2 out wide by LD
6-3 smash by LD
7-3 error by LD
7-4 smash out by LCW
8-4 bad error by LD
8-5 bad error by LCW
9-5 rally on by LCW
9-6 drop by LD
10-6 perfect net shot by LCW
10-7 loose shot by LCW
10-8 poor misjudgement by LCW
10-9 again...
10-10 and again..
10-11 and again,,,, bad mistake
11-11 fault by LD
11-12 out at baseline
11-13 net shot
11-14 net error by LCW
11-15 error by LCW
12-15 cross court smash by LCW
13-15 net error by LD
14-15 error again by LD
14-16 error by LCW now
14-17 mistake by LCW
15-17 backhand error by LD
15-18 smash into LCW body
15-19 unlucky LCW...
16-19 net play by LCW
something's wrong with LCW - he's in pain...
LCW is sitting outside the court - probably cramps.. being treated with sprays
OK, he's up again....
Play continues...
17-19 two times smash taken by LCW
*LCW is again down injured.... cramps, really bad...
Lin Dan comes over to console LCW...
It's over... LCW pulls out injured...
Score remains 20-17 to Lin Dan...
Sad ending...
Gold awarded to LIN DAN 16-21, 21-13, 20-17 (retired) 

Gold - CHINA, Silver - MALAYSIA, Bronze - VIETNAM and CHINA.

Full results:
Bye bye..
Have a nice day...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

BWF 2013 World Championship: SEMI-FINAL Updates - LIVE.


It's the Semi-Finals today..
The draw:
Live updates starts at 12.00 noon Malaysian time/Guangzhou time..
Stay tuned...
We're LIVE now... Please refresh this page often.

12.00pm games:
WD 1: Eom/Jang (KOR) defeated Tian/Zhao (CHN): 21-16, 21-19.
WS 1: Li Xuerui (CHN) defeated Bae Yeon Ju (KOR): 21-5, 21-11.
MS 1: Nguyen Tien Minh (VIE) lost to Lin Dan (CHN): 17-21, 15-21.
MD 1: Ahsan/Setiawan (INA) defeated Cai Yun/Fu (CHN): 21-19, 21-17.
WS 2: Ratchanok (THA) defeated Sindhu (IND): 21-10, 21-13.

Welcome back... We're going LIVE now..
6.00pm games:
WD 2: Wang/Yang (CHN) defeated Christina/Kamilia (DEN): 21-14, 14-21, 21-15.
MD 2: Boe/Mogensen (DEN) defeated Kim/Kim (KOR): 21-23, 21-18, 21-18.
XD 1: Xu/Ma (CHN) defeated Shin/Eom (KOR): 21-15, 21-17.
MS 2: LEE CHONG WEI (MAS) vs Du Pengyu (CHN):
1st Set: (LCW first)
0-0 DP to serve
1-0 smash by LCW
1-1 out ast base line
2-1 pushed out by DP
3-1 error by DP
3-2 error by LCW
3-3 net error by LCW
3-4 misjudge at baseline
4-4 net error by DP
4-5 baseline (out)
4-6 smash by DP
5-6 smash by LCW
5-7 error by LCW
5-8 baseline error by LCW
5-9 smash out by LCW
5-10 net error by LCW
6-10 drop by LCW
6-11 error by LCW
6-12 pt to DP
7-12 smash by LCW
7-13 good net shot by DP
7-14 another good net shot
8-14 hard smash by LCW
9-14 misjudge by DP
9-15 tap at net by DP
10-15 net play by LCW
10-16 error by LCW
10-17 sideline error by LCW
11-17 smash by LCW
12-17 smash error by DP
13-17 smash out by DP
14-17 net error by DP
14-18 smash out by LCW
15-18 cross court smash by LCW
16-18 double smash by LCW
16-19 net shot error by LCW
17-19 net smash by LCW
18-19 good smash by LCW
19-19 hard smash by LCW
19-20 mistake by LCW
20-20 smash after smash by LCW
20-21 careless by LCW
20-22 net smash by DP.
1st set to Du Pengyu 22-20.

2nd set:
0-1 smash by DP
1-1 net play by LCW
2-1 lucky shot by LCW
2-2 smash out by LCW
3-2 typical move by LCW
4-2 flick serve by LCW
5-2 error by DP
6-2 tight net play by LCW
7-2 well played by LCW
8-2 cross court drop by LCW
8-3 body smash by DP
8-4 smash out by LCW
9-4 smash by LCW
9-5 smash by DP
10-5 double smash by LCW
10-6 smash by DP
11-6 cross net play by LCW
11-7 poor service by LCW
12-7 double smash by LCW
12-8 drop out by LCW
12-9 mistake by LCW
13-9 good shot by LCW
14-9 well worked rally by LCW
15-9 body smash by LCW
15-10 mistake by LCW
16-10 great work by LCW
17-10 smash by LCW
18-10 smash again by LCW
19-10 out by DP
20-10 perfect net play by LCW
20-11 error by LCW
20-12 pushed out by LCW
21-12 error by DP
2nd set won by LCW 21-12

3rd Set:
1-0 error by DP
2-0 out by DP
2-1 smash out by LCW
3-1 unlucky shot by DP
4-1 smash by LCW
4-2 mistake by LCW
5-2 served out by DP
5-3 smash error by LCW
6-3 misjudged by DP
6-4 cross court smash by DP
6-5 mistake by LCW - misjudge the sideline.
6-6 another unforced error by LCW
7-6 drive by LCW
8-6 error by DP
8-7 well taken opportunity by DP
8-8 good move by DP
9-8 rally won by LCW
10-8 pushed wide by DP
10-9 net shot by DP
11-9 jumping smash by LCW
12-9 excellent smash by LCW
12-10 error by umpire !!!
13-10 mistake by DP (miss hit)
14-10 smash out by DP
14-11 don't know what to say....
15-11 wrong court serve!!!
15-12 error by LCW
16-12 out by DP
16-13 drive out by LCW
17-13 typical smash by LCW
18-13 backhand drive by LCW
19-13 pushed out by DP
19-14 drive by DP
19-15 smash by DP
20-15 mistake by DP
21-15 landed in at baseline...
Match won by LEE CHONG WEI 20-22, 21-12, 21-15.
CONGRATES Lee Chong Wei !!!!!!

Malaysia - have a nice day...

Friday, August 9, 2013

BWF 2013 World Championships - QF Updates - LIVE..


It's the Quarter Finals today.
LIVE Updates from Guangzhou:

12.00pm games:
MS: Lin Dan (CHN) defeated Chen Long (CHN): 21-13, 22-20.
MD: Koo/Tan (MAS) lost to Kim Ki Jung/Kim Sa Rang (KOR): 15-21, 16-21.
MS: Kashyap Parupalli (IND) lost to Du Pengyu (CHN):  21-16, 20-22, 15-21.
WS: Saina Nehwal (IND) lost to Bae Yeon Ju (KOR): 21-23, 9-21.

6.00pm games:
MS: Nguyen Tien Minh (VIE) defeated Jan O Jorgensen (DEN): 21-8, 17-21, 22-20.
MS: Lee Chong Wei (MAS) defeated Tommy Sugiarto (INA): 21-6, 21-9.
WS: Ratchanok Intanon (THA) defeated Carolina Marin (SPA): 21-18, 20-22, 21-15.
WS: Sindhu P.V. (IND) defeated Wang Shixian (CHN): 21-18, 21-17.

Have a nice day....

Thursday, August 8, 2013

BWF World Championship - 3rd Round Updates - LIVE


It's the 3rd round today...
I'm updating the results LIVE as the tournament progresses...

MS: Chong Wei Feng (MAS) lost to Lin Dan (CHN): 20-22, 10-21.
MD: Zakry Latif/Fairuzizuan (MAS) lost to Hiroyuki Endo/Kenichi Hayakawa (JPN): 21-23,7-21.
WD: Vivian Kah/Woon Khe Wei (MAS) lost to Hye Won Eom/Ye Na Jang (KOR: 16-21, 18-21.
MD: Hoon Thien How/Tan Wee Kiong (MAS) lost to Chai Yun/Fu Haifeng (CHN):19-21, 13-21.
MD: Koo Kean Keat/Tan Boon Heong (MAS) defeated Lee Chun Hei/Ng Ka Long (HKG): 21-17,21-7.
WS: Saina Nehwal (IND) defeated Porntip Buranaprasertsuk (THA): 18-21, 21-16, 21-14.
MS: LEE CHONG WEI (MAS) defeated Wang ZhengmIng (CHN):21-12, 21-7.
MS: Daren Liew (MAS) lost to Chen Long (CHN): 18-21,15-21.
WS: Ratchanok Intanon (THA) defeated Yip Pui Yin (HKG): 21-14, 21-12.

Have a nice day....

Eid Mubarak From us in Malaysia....


I would like to wish "Happy Hari Raya - Eid Mubarak" to all my friends around the world....
Have a nice day..

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BWF 2013 World Championship - LIVE UPDATES


It's the 2nd round today..
I'll update the important matches as it goes LIVE....

LIVE results:
WD: Narissapat Lam/Saralee (THA) defeated Misaki Matsutomo/ Ayaka Takahashi (JPN) 22-20, 21-17.
WS: Lindaweni Fanetri (INA) defeated Beatriz Corrales (SPA) 21-12, 21-11.
MD: Zakry Latif/Fairuzizuan (MAS) defeated Vladimir Ivanov/Ivan Sozonov (RUS) 14-21, 21-15, 21-16.
MS: Nguyen Tien Minh (VIE) defeated Dieter Domke (GER) 24-22, 21-17.
MS: Boonsak Ponsana (THA) defeated Henri Hurskainen (SWE) 21-7, 15-21, 21-15.
WS: Porntip Buranaprasertsuk (THA) defeated Jamie Subandhi (USA) 21-12, 21-9.
MS: Tommy Sugiarto (INA) defeated Jen Hao Hsu (TPE) 21-9, 21-7.
WS: Li Xuerui (CHN) defeated Marija Ulitina (UKR) 21-9, 21-10.
WD: Goh Liu Ying/Lim Yin Loo (MAS) lost to Jung Kyung Eun/Kim Ha Na (KOR) 22-20, 21-7.
MS: Chen Long (CHN) defeated Sho Sasaki (JPN) 21-15, 21-12.
WS: Sindhu P.V. (IND) defeated Kaori Imabeppu (JPN) 21-19, 19-21, 21-17.
WS: Wang Shixian (CHN) defeated Pai Hsiao Ma (TPE) 21-17, 21-23, 21-11.
WS: Linda Zetchiri (BUL) defeated Sapsiree Taerattanachai (THA) 21-16, 21-17.
MS: LEE CHONG WEI (MAS) defeated Dionysius Rumbaka (INA) 14-21, 21-18, 21-11.
WS: Eriko Hirose (JPN) defeated Petya Nedelcheva (BUL) 11-21, 21-16, 21-18.
WS: Saina Nehwal (IND) defeated Olga Golovanova (RUS) 21-5, 21-4.
MS: Chong Wei Feng (MAS) - Dmytro Zavadsky (UKR) 21-6, 21-13.
MS: Pablo Abian (SPA) defeated Ajay Jayaram (IND) 21-9, 21-17.
WD: Vivian Kah/Woon Khe Wei (MAS) defeated Yuriko Miki/Koharu Yonemoto (JPN) 22-20, 21-14.
WS: Wang Yihan (CHN) defeated Belaetrix Manuputi (INA) 21-12, 21-8.
MS: Pengyu Du (CHN) defeated Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk (THA) 21-5, 16-21,21-15.
MS: Lin Dan (CHN) defeated Eric Pang (NED) 21-14, 21-17.
WS: Ratchanok Intanon (THA) defeated Juan Gu (SIN) 16-21, 21-17, 21-9.
MS: Daren Liew (MAS) defeated Zi Liang Derek Wong (SIN) 21-13, 21-13.

Have a nice day....

Monday, August 5, 2013

TIGER WOODS wins his 79th PGATour Title.

TIGER WOODS wins his 79th PGATour title - at the 2013 WGC Bridgestone Invitational in Ohio.
He finished with a par-70 4th round score, a total of 15-under overall.
Woods is now 3 titles short of Sam Snead's 82 PGATour wins...

Tiger's score card:
Tiger's final round score card.
Congratulations Tiger Woods for a job well done..
Have a nice day...

Sunday, August 4, 2013

TIGER WOODS maintains 7-stroke lead - WGC 2013.

Tiger Woods in the 3rd round
Mr. Woods maintains his 7-stroke lead at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational golf competition in Ohio today.
Tiger shot a 2-under 68, with 5 birdies and 3 drop shots.
This will be his 79th PGATour win if  he does it on Sunday.
Tiger's score card:
the leaderboard
 Good Luck TIGER WOODS..

Have a nice day... 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

TIGER went crazy in 2nd round - WGC Invitational 2013.

Tiger Woods.
TIGER WOODS went crazy and posted a career best to tie the course record of a 9-under 61 in the 2nd round of the WGC Bridgestone Invitational Championship 2013 - in Ohio today.
Tiger posted an eagle and seven birdies without dropping a shot. He shot a 66 yesterday in the 1st round.
Tiger is now 7 strokes ahead of the field at 13-under.
Tiger's score card:
Tiger's scorecard in the 2nd round.
Just Do It, Tiger !!!!

Have a nice day..