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LEE CHONG WEI vs LIN DAN: BWF 2013 World Championship FINALS - LIVE Updates

It's the finals today... a bombastic one !!!
Lee Chong Wei (MAS) vs Lin Dan (CHN) - in the men's GOLD medal match.
Ratchanok Intanon (THA) vs Li Xuerui (CHN) - in the women's GOLD medal match.
The schedule today beginning at 1.00pm Malaysian/Guangzhao time:
LIVE updates will be on once the games start..
OK, we're LIVE from Guangzhou now...

1. WD: Wang/Yu (CHN) defeated Eom/Jang (KOR): 21-14,18-21,21-8.
Gold medal to CHINA, Silver to KOREA, Bronze to CHINA and DENMARK.
2. WS: Ratchanok (THA) vs Li Xuerui (CHN):
1st set: Ratchanok first.
1-0 first point to Rachanok
2-0 error by LX
2-1 error by RI
2-2 smash out by RI
3-2 out by LX
4-2 net error by LX
4-3 sideline smash by LX
4-4 error by RI
4-5 body smash by LX
5-5 pushed out by LX
5-6 net error
6-6 rally won by RI
7-6 fault by LX
8-6 drive by RI
9-6 out at baseline
9-7 smash by LX
9-8 pushed out by RI
9-9 misjudged by RI
9-10 out at baseline
9-11 error at net by RI
10-11 body smash by RI
10-12 just out at baseline
10-13 body smash by LX
10-14 out again at sideline
10-15 just out at sideline
11-15 net error by LX
11-16 smash into net by RI
12-16 smash by RI
12-17 mistake by RI
12-18 sharp drop by LX
12-19 out at sideline
13-19 out at baseline
14-19 good defence by RI
15-19 error by LX
16-19 smah by RI
17-19 pushed out by LX
17-20 error by RI
18-20 smash by RI
19-20 body smash by RI
20-20 out at baseline
21-20 double smash by RI
22-20 drive by RI
Rachanok wins the 1st set 22-20

2nd Set:
0-1 drop by LX
0-2 out at sideline
0-3 smash error by RI
1-3 smash by RI
1-4 misjudge by RI
2-4 drop by RI
3-4 out and long by LX
4-4 smash out by LX
5-4 smart play by RI
5-5 smash by LX
5-6 drop out by RI
6-6 error by LX
6-7 pushed out by RI
7-7 good judgement by RI
7-8 just out
8-8 good net play by RI
8-9 great shot by LX
9-9 out at baseline
10-9 smash into net by LX
10-10 drop shot by LX
10-11 out by RI
10-12 smash by LX
11-12 body smash by RI
11-13 perfect shot by LX
12-13 just out
13-13 out by LX
13-14 smash by LX
14-14 error by LX
15-14 out at baseline
15-15 smash drop by LX
15-16 well played by LX
15-17 error by RI
15-18 half court smash by LX
16-18 out at baseline
16-19 error at net
17-19 well played by RI
17-20 nervous net shot by RI
18-20 smash out by LX
18-21 smash error by RI
Li Xuerui wins the 2nd set 21-18

3rd Set:
1-0 called in..
1-1 smash by LX
2-1 triple smash by RI
3-1 cross net shot
4-1 smash by RI
5-1 net error by LX
6-1 net error again
6-2 wrong court service
7-2 cross court smash by RI
8-2 out again by LX
8-3 tight net shot by LX
9-3 out at sideline
9-4 net error
9-5 out at baseline
10-5 good net play by RI
10-6 out at baseline
10-7 net shot error
11-7 excellent drive at body by RI
11-8 smash by LX
11-9 error by RI
12-9 out at baseline after long rally
13-9 mistake by LX
14-9 cross smash by RI
14-10 pushed out by RI
14-11 smash by LX
14-12 mistake by RI
15-12 smash by RI
16-12 good smart play by RI
17-12 error by LX
18-12 out by LX
18-13 unforced error by RI
19-13 out by LX
19-14 smash out by RI
20-14 brilliant play by RI
21-14 RACHANOK WINS!!!!!!!!!
Rachanok Intanon wins the World title - the YOUNGEST ever...
Rachanok defeated the top-seeded Li Xuerui 22-20, 18-21, 21-14.
Gold medal - THAILAND, Silver - China, Bronze- INDIA and KOREA.

3. XD: Xu/Ma (CHN) lost to Tontowi/Liliyana (INA): 13-21, 21-16, 20-22.
Gold medal-INDONESIA, Silver-CHINA, Bronze- KOREA and CHINA.

4. MD: Ahsan/Setiawan (INA) defeated Boe/Mogensen (DEN): 21-13, 23-21.
Gold medal-INDONESIA, Silver-DENMARK, Bronze-KOREA and CHINA.

5. MS: Lee Chong Wei (MAS) vs Lin Dan (CHN):
1st Set: Lee Chong Wei first.
1-0 first point to LCW
1-1 drive by LD
1-2 called in by line judge
1-3 smash by LD
2-3 smash by LCW
2-4 good play by LD
3-4 error by LD
3-5 instinct shot by LD
3-6 wide by LCW
4-6 well played by LCW
5-6 flick serve by LCW
6-6 out at baseline
7-6 error by LD
7-7 error by LCW now
7-8 bad line call, it was out !!!
8-8 out !!!!
8-9 trick shot by LD
9-9 half-smash by LCW
9-10 trick shot by LD
10-10 smash by LCW
10-11 rally won by LD
11-11 hesitation by LD
11-12 rally won by LD
12-12 net smash by LCW
12-13 called in..
13-13 gone wide..
14-13 smash into net by LD
15-13 half court smash by LCW
16-13 fault called at net
16-14 another bad line call !!!! 2nd time already!!
17-14 smash by LCW
18-14 pushed out by LD
19-14 out by LD
19-15 nervous shot by LCW
19-16 net shot by LD
20-16 rally won by LCW
21-16 double smash by LCW
1st set won by Lee Chong Wei 21-16

2nd set:
0-1 drop by LD
0-2 bad line call again. Ball was OUT!!!!
0-3 bad call again??? what is this??
0-4 net shot by LD
0-5 body smash
1-5 way out behind
1-6 misjudge by LCW
1-7 something's not right...
1-8 out at baseline
1-9 net play by LD
1-10 in at sideline
1-11 just leave it - drift is irregular now..
1-12 rally won by LD
2-12 net play
3-12 out at sideline
4-12 sharp drop by LCW
4-13 mistake by LCW
5-13 simple play by LCW
5-14 smash by LD
5-15 out by LCW
6-15 out by LD
7-15 error by LD
7-16 out by LCW
8-16 out at sideline
9-16 cross court smash
9-17 smash by LD
10-17 net error
11-17 landed in..
12-17 error by LD
12-18 out at baseline
12-19 error by LCW
13-19 out at sideline
13-20 smash by LD
13-21 out by LCW
Lin Dan wins the 2nd set 21-13

3rd Set:
0-1 out at baseline
1-1 out at baseline
2-1 out by LD
2-2 good net play by LD
3-2 fantastic play by LCW
4-2 variation play by LCW
5-2 smash out by LD
6-2 out wide by LD
6-3 smash by LD
7-3 error by LD
7-4 smash out by LCW
8-4 bad error by LD
8-5 bad error by LCW
9-5 rally on by LCW
9-6 drop by LD
10-6 perfect net shot by LCW
10-7 loose shot by LCW
10-8 poor misjudgement by LCW
10-9 again...
10-10 and again..
10-11 and again,,,, bad mistake
11-11 fault by LD
11-12 out at baseline
11-13 net shot
11-14 net error by LCW
11-15 error by LCW
12-15 cross court smash by LCW
13-15 net error by LD
14-15 error again by LD
14-16 error by LCW now
14-17 mistake by LCW
15-17 backhand error by LD
15-18 smash into LCW body
15-19 unlucky LCW...
16-19 net play by LCW
something's wrong with LCW - he's in pain...
LCW is sitting outside the court - probably cramps.. being treated with sprays
OK, he's up again....
Play continues...
17-19 two times smash taken by LCW
*LCW is again down injured.... cramps, really bad...
Lin Dan comes over to console LCW...
It's over... LCW pulls out injured...
Score remains 20-17 to Lin Dan...
Sad ending...
Gold awarded to LIN DAN 16-21, 21-13, 20-17 (retired) 

Gold - CHINA, Silver - MALAYSIA, Bronze - VIETNAM and CHINA.

Full results:
Bye bye..
Have a nice day...

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