Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Malaysia-Thailand: Smart Partnership in Sports.

I had the opportunity to follow the Malaysian group of sports officers (education) visiting Thailand Sports Schools in Bangkok the last few days... The head of Sports Division of all the states in Malaysia, joined hands to organize a special trip to Bangkok, Thailand - to visit 2 sports schools around Bangkok and the Sports Education Division of Thailand.
I have to specially mention these two guys - Mr. Abdul Said Hussain, the head of the Sports Division of the Penang Education Department.., and of course - Mr. Shaharuddin Mahmud, the head of the Sports Division of the Perlis Education Department. These two guys played an important role in making the trip possible.
50 sports officials from all over Malaysia made the trip, including 2 Heads of Sectors of the Education Department of the states of Perak and Pahang. Representatives from Sabah and Sarawak too made the trip to Bangkok.
We all paid our own expenses for the trip - and it was worth the price... We took the Thai domestic AirAsia flight from Hatyai to Bangkok on the 21st of August and returned on the 25th of August. The three day "official visit" to the Sports Schools in Suphanburi and Chonburi was greeted warmly by the officials of the two schools - a  common and natural symbol of Thailand's hospitality...
20th anniversary
The Suphanburi Sports School was the first on the list. This is the biggest Sports School in Thailand. The are 12 sports discipline in this school - athletics, sepaktakraw, tennis, swimming, diving, shooting, gymnastics, judo, weight lifting, cycling, baseball, and soccer.
No wonder Thailand are so good in these sports, especially athletics, sepaktakraw, weight lifting and soccer.
*This sports school celebrates its 20th anniversary this year.
A half an hour power point presentation given was good enough to tell the whole success behind Thailand's sports dominance in Asia or even the Olympics and world meets...
Some interesting photos:
 the power point presentation in progress
 the Malaysians sports officers
 the mini stadium
 the gymnasts in training
the sepaktakraw training hall
The following day, we visited the Chonburi Sports School. As expected, we were warmly welcomed.
This sports school is a little smaller than the previous one - but an athlete from this school won the Olympics Bronze medal in the last Olympics game - in weight lifting.
Interesting photos:
 the Chonburi Sports School
 the school wall
We went for a short tour around the school...

Visiting just these two sports schools just says it all - why Thailand is way ahead of Malaysia in sports.
I just wish more groups of sports officials and coaches would pack their bags today and pay a visit to Thailand sports body... You will be surprised to see that what Thailand have is just half of what Malaysia have in terms of sports facilities - but Thailand is 10 years ahead of Malaysia in terms of sports achievements !!!!
You don't believe me?? Take the AirAsia flight from Hatyai to Bangkok - it's cheaper. RM280 return.
Stay at the Chaleena Hotel - it's quite cheap. Food? No problem. A lot of halal eateries near Chaleena Hotel. In fact, groups from Maldives, Indonesia, The Philippines and Brunei were at our hotel during our 3-night stay.
I'm going to Bangkok again soon..

Have a nice day...

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