Sunday, September 29, 2013

MALAYSIA vs INDIA - Sultan Johor Cup 2013 FINAL - LIVE Update

It's the FINAL of the 2013 Sultan of Johor Cup - Malaysia vs India.
It will be on at 8.30pm tonight.. You have to wait another 3 hours for the match.
Meanwhile, Korea will meet England for the 5th place - while Pakistan take on Argentina for the Bronze medal.
ARGENTINA 0-0 PAKISTAN (ARG won 3-0 in penalty shootout).

So, see yer at 8.30pm for the LIVE update of the Final....
8.35pm: Let's go LIVE now....

MALAYSIA vs INDIA - The Final.
1st half:
35:00 Play just started..
33:00 MAS in possession
30:00 Normal play - 50-50 possession.
29:00 IND drew first blood... wide.
26:00 MAS attacking - 2 long corners - nothing.
25:00 Stats: 52% IND - 48% MAS.
23:00 Penalty corner to IND -saved.
22:00 Counter attack by MAS - just wide.
20:00 Green card to IND skipper.
17:00 Long corner to MAS - nothing.
15:00 Still 0-0.
14:00 Field goal for INDIA. 1-0
11:00 IND going for more..
09:00 Possesion: IND 57% - 43% MAS.
07:00 Lack of imagination by MAS - no good moves.
05:00 IND playing negatively... slowing down pace.
02:00 Wasted move by MAS.
00:01 penalty corner to IND -3 times - no goal.
00:00 First half score: INDIA leads 1-0.

2nd half:
35:00 Play just started.
32:00 No good moves yet
29:00 Penalty corner to IND - saved
26:00 Penalty corner to IND - saved again
23:00 Penalty corner to MAS - great save.
19:00 Penalty corner to MAS -saved twice.
16:00 Goal for INDIA,  2-0 now.
12:00 Great save by MAS keeper
09:00 Penalty corner to IND - wide
06:00 Penalty corner to IND - goal... 3-0 now.
05:00 Penalty corner to MAS - saved.
02:00 Frustrating moves by MAS...
00:00 Game over. INDIA 3-0 MAS.

Bye bye..
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

HOCKEY - Sultan Johor Cup 2013 - Day 5 LIVE Update.

It's Day 5 - a day just to complete the group matches - and it doesn't affect the standings.
Malaysia will meet India in the finals tomorrow.

Today's matches results:

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Friday, September 27, 2013

HOCKEY - Sultan Of Johor Cup 2013 - Updates

Today is Rest Day.
After 4 group matches each, the table and top scorers:
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

HOCKEY: Sultan Of Johor Cup 2013 - Day 4 LIVE Update


Day 4:- the league matches continue. I'll update as the matches progress

1st match: Argentina vs England (4.00pm)
1st half: ARG 1-0 ENG
2nd half:
2-0 now.. 20 mins left.
3-0 now.. 3 mins left.
Full time score: ARG 3-0 ENG

2nd match: INDIA vs KOREA (6.00pm)
1st half:
- 7th min: penalty corner to IND - goal. IND 1-0 KOR.
- IND dominating the game (86%)
- 11th min - field goal. IND 2-0 KOR.
- 17th min -penalty corner to KOR - wide.
- 30th min - field goal. IND 3-0 KOR.
- 32nd min - penalty corner to KOR - goal. IND 3-1 KOR.
Halftime: IND 3-1 KOR
2nd half:
-25th min - goal. IND 4-1 KOR
-28th min - goal. IND 5-1 KOR.
-31th min - goal. IND 6-1 KOR.
Full time score: INDIA 6-1 KOREA

3rd match: MALAYSIA vs PAKISTAN (8.00pm)
1st half:
- 15th min - still 0-0
- 26th min - field goal by PAK. PAK 1-0 MAS.
- 27th min - penalty corner to MAS - Goooaaallllll.. MAS 1-1 PAK.
- 34th min - penalty corner to MAS -miss-pushed. Saved.
halftime score: 1-1
2nd half:
- 4th min - penalty corner to MAS - GGOOAALLL. MAS 2-1 PAK.
- 13th min -penalty stroke to PAK -goal... MAS 2-2 PAK.
- 16th min -penalty corner to MAS - GGOOOALLL. MAS 3-2 PAK
- 18th min -penalty corner to MAS - saved on the line.
- 25th min -penalty corner to MAS - saved.
- 27th min -penalty corner to MAS - saved by keeper.
- 28th min - GOOAALLLLL.. MAS 4-2 PAK.
Full time score: MALAYSIA 4-2 PAKISTAN

**Malaysia won all their matches so far - thro' to the final.
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

HOCKEY: Sultan of Johor Cup 2013 - Day 3 LIVE Update


It's Day 3 - 3 more group matches to play.
I'll update as the matches progress..., as usual.

1st Match: Argentina vs Korea (4.00pm)
Final score: ARG 2-2 KOR

2nd Match: Malaysia vs England (6.00pm)
1st half:
- 1st min: penalty corner to MAS - wasted (twice).
- 8th min: 3rd penalty corner to MAS - GGGOOAALLL - 1-0 to MAS
- 30th min: penalty corner to ENG -brilliant save by Msian keeper.
- halftime: MAS 1-0 ENG
2nd half:
- 3rd min: penalty corner to ENG - saved 3 times.
- 8th min: penalty corner to MAS - GOOOOAALLLL MAS 2-0 ENG.
- 10th min: penalty corner to MAS - wide..
- 13th min: penalty corner to MAS -just wide.
- 20th min: penalty corner to MAS (twice) - GGOOAALL - MAS 3-0 ENG.
- 25th min: penalty corner to ENG (twice) - Goal... MAS 3-1 ENG.
- 27th min: penalty corner to ENG (thrice) - saved.
- 30th min - MAS missed a golden chance to score.
-Fulltime score: MALAYSIA 3-1 ENGLAND
Malaysia 3-1 England
3rd Match: India vs Pakistan (8.00pm)
1st half:
- 11th min: Scoreless. Both teams playing cautiously.
- 20th min: Still 0-0.
- halftime: 0-0.
2nd half:
- goalll.... 1-0 to INDIA (Just started).
- 7th min: penalty corner to IND - saved.
-10th min: IND 2-0 PAK (field goal).
- 11th min: penalty stroke to IND. Goal, IND 3-0 PAK.
- 25th min: IND 4-0 PAK (field goal).
-Fulltime score: INDIA 4-0 PAKISTAN.

See yer tomorrow...
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

BAM's Soap Opera Have Just Begun....

Our National Pride...
BAM = Badminton Always Masalah (Badminton Always Problem).
I have written so many episodes of BAM's mistakes in handling cases involving Malaysian badminton, in my Blog. This is another one. This time I prefer to just "paste" it in this post. Let you be the judge...
The 1st one:

Tan Aik Mong resigns as BAM talent management group director

KUALA LUMPUR: In a shocking move, Tan Aik Mong resigned as the Badminton Association of Malaysia's (BAM) talent management group (TMG) director today.

The reason was unclear but last week's resignation of Rashid Sidek could have an effect on Aik Mong's decision. Rashid Sidek had criticised Aik Mong's drastic changes in the national team while BAM president Tengku Mahaleel Tengku Ariff restructered the whole set-up again on Monday.
Aik Mong was not at the BAM office at Juara Stadium and he was said to have officially notified the association of his decision.
....NST online, 24th Sept 2013.

The 2nd one:

BADMINTON: BAM must put sport first

I REFER to the controversies arising from the resignation of Rashid Sidek as a coach with the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM).

It is obvious that the new president of BAM is not interested in finding solutions to problems that have arisen out of his own making and brand of management.
Thus, the effort to belittle Rashid's contributions to the game and nation has easily surpassed that given by the new coaching supremo appointed by the new president.
Now, he has the cheek to warn of impending action against the world No. 1 player Datuk Lee Chong Wei just because he had empathised with Rashid, his coach and the person who had helped nurture him.
What takes the cake is his blatant disregard of the permission given by the previous administration of BAM (even if it was verbal) to Rashid in signing a contract with an Indian club.
Does this mean that the new administration will not honour whatever permission or decisions made by the previous administration? What kind of management is this?
Unwittingly, the new president's reaction to Rashid has, in fact, reinforced Rashid's accusations against him and his cohorts for their high-handedness. He has made it obvious that he could not care less about having good collaborative efforts with those involved and interested in the development of the game to ensure that Malaysia continues to be a dominant force in badminton.
He is more interested in taking a confrontational stance against anyone who does not agree with his brand of management. He and his cohorts should have realised that the game and the country's reputation are bigger than them. And, for the sake of the game, everyone interested in furthering the country's standing should be brought in to give whatever help to the cause.
Thus, the stance by the new president towards a person who has given so much to the game shows the former's inflated ego and short-sightedness.
The sum of it is that Malaysia's badminton is being made to suffer by the new management that seems to be placing themselves as the focal point, rather than working for the greater good of the game for the country.
Surely, millions of Malaysians will not forgive the new management should it be responsible in bringing down Malaysia's reputation and standing in the world.
....NST Letters to the Editor, 24th Sept 2013.

So..., what's your opinion???
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Monday, September 23, 2013

HOCKEY - The Sultan of Johor Cup 2013 - Day 2 LIVE Update


It's Day 2. It's LIVE updates as the matches progress....

1st match: 4.00pm - Pakistan vs England
1st half: PAK 3-2 ENG
Final score: PAK 6-2 ENG
The Pakistanis after scoring their 2nd goal.
2nd match: 6.00pm - India vs Argentina
1st half:
- ARG 1-0 IND (16th min - penalty corner).
- 23rd min: 1-1 (field goal).
- halftime: IND 1-1 ARG
2nd half:
- ARG 2-1 IND (42nd min)
- ARG 2-2 IND (60th min)
- ARG 2-3 IND (62nd min)
Final score: INDIA 3-2 ARGENTINA.
India vs Argentina
3rd match: 8.00pm - Malaysia vs Korea
1st half:
- MAS 1-0 KOR (field goal, 12th min).
- halftime score: MAS 1-0 KOR.
 Malaysia's field goal...
2nd half:
- 36th min - penalty corner twice - GOOALLLL.... MAS 2-0.
- 39th min - penalty corner to KOR - saved.
- 41st min - penalty corner to MAS, twice - KOR keeper injured - wide...
- 45th min - penalty corner to MAS - GOOAAALLL.. MAS 3-0.
- MAS players playing good, fast hockey tonight...
- 54th min - penalty corner to MAS - wide..
- 55th min - penalty corner to MAS - wide again..
- 7 penalty corners to MAS so far, only 2 converted.
- 64th min - GOOOAALL MAS 4-0.
- 67th min - KOR scores. MAS 4-1.
- 69th min - GOOAAALL.. MAS 5-1
*Final score: MAS 5-1 KOR.

Have a nice day.....

Sunday, September 22, 2013

HOCKEY -The Sultan of Johor Cup 2013 - Day 1 LIVE Updates

Welcome to the 3rd Sultan of Johor Cup 2013.
Six nations are participating in this international Under-21 hockey tournament.
I'll update the results as the tournament proceeds..

1st Game: 4.00pm
Pakistan scoring their 2nd goal..
2nd Game: 6.00pm
- India leading 1-0 (half time).
- India 2-0 (50th min).
- India 2-1 England (4 mins to end)
Final score: INDIA 2-1 ENGLAND

3rd Game: 8.00pm
- Malaysia leading 1-0 (penalty corner, 8th min).
- Msia 1-1 Argentina (own goal, 18th min).
- penalty corner - GOOALLL. Malaysia 2-1 (21st min).
- halftime: MAS 2-1 ARG.
- GOOALLL to MAS from a penalty corner in the 3rd min of the 2nd half.
- MAS 3-1 ARG.
- GOOAALL... wonderful field goal by MAS. MAS 4-1 ARG. (48th min).
- 64th min: MAS 4-2 ARG (penalty corner).
Final score: MAS 4-2 ARG.

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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Malaysia vs Pakistan - LIVE Update - Asia Cup 2013 Bronze Medal Playoff.

For the Bronze medal - MALAYSIA vs PAKISTAN - LIVE updates
1st half:
35:00 Play just started.
34:00 Penalty corner for MAS - hit the post. Unlucky.
33:00 MAS playing well..
28:00 Raining.. quite heavily.
22:00 1st penalty corner for PAK - wasted.
18:00 PAK doing much of the attacking. but still 0-0.
12:00 Penalty corner to PAK again -saved by MAS keeper, Roslan.
08:00 Another penalty corner for PAK -deflected out.
05:00 Thunder rumbles overhead...
03:00 Penalty corner for MAS - wide..
01:22 GGGOOOAAALLLLLLLL.... Faizal scores 1-0 MAS
00:07 PAK equalised.. 1-1 now.
Half time 1-1.

2nd Half:
35:00 Play just started..
28:00 Still 1-1.
23:00 ups and downs.. balance play..
17:00 Goal by PAK. PAK leads 2-1 now
14:00 Goal by PAK again. 3-1 now.
09:00 Still 3-1
07:00 penalty corner to MAS - wide..
04:00 penalty corner to MAS again - wasted again..
00:00 game over... PAK won 3-1.

Have a nice day...